Empowerment Strategies for Girls

Turning dreamers into doers

Turning dreamers into doers

At Empowerment Strategies for Girls, we take a modern approach to unlocking the unique promise that lives inside every girl and young woman.

Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to spark meaningful outcomes in a young girl’s journey through guidance, preparation, and exposure to positive role models and learning experiences.

Our interactive workshops:

Strengthen Peer Relationships &
Decision-Making Skills

Increase Focus on Personal, Academic &
Career Potential 

Teach the Values of Grit, Resilience & Commitment

We believe having an empowered strategy is the difference between a day dreamer and a dream achiever. 

Developing Your Spark

Developing your spark

Workshops, Coaching & Mentoring for Girls and Young Women Ages 11–21

Empowerment Strategies for Girls offers 6- and 12-week workshops dedicated to:

Leadership Development

Academic & Professional Goal Setting

STEMpowerment – Introductions to Technical Careers

Coaching sessions are available on 12- and 16-week schedules to individuals and small groups.

Speaking Engagements that Inspire & Empower

Our message of Turning Dreamers into Doers is appropriate for middle, high school, and college audiences, as well as educators, youth group leaders, and civic and faith-based organizations.

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