Every young girl and woman should be equipped with the skills to live a confident, authentic life.

Our passion for mentoring is the catalyst behind our coaching sessions. In addition to, or instead of participating in a Leadership Development Program through a local school or college, participants can choose small-group coaching experiences to engage in a more intimate learning experience.

For young ladies preferring one-on-one coaching, we offer Empowerment Sessions.

Available in 6– and 12-week learning periods, our Coaching sessions focus on Resource Optimization, Personal Development, and Structural Support Development to help participants:

  • Develop present- and future-focused life & leadership skills
  • Learn action-based solution-making
  • Identify and build core strengths

Let us choose for ourselves our path in life and let us try to strew that path with flowers.

Resource Optimization

ES Coaching sessions help young adults identify and leverage the internal strengths and external resources available to them to achieve their goals. We facilitate self-awareness around concepts like identity, interests, values, and desire to enhance self-mastery.

Personal Development

ES Coaching helps young adults enhance their sense of autonomy in setting goals, preparing a viable academic/professional/personal plan, and achieving personal success. We assist young adults in strategizing and setting priorities, holistically, encouraging them to tap into self-motivation, meaning, and purpose as they strive to become their best selves.

Structural Support Development

ES Coaching helps young adults set broad life goals for academic and career direction and social goals for their desired place in their communities. We guide young adults as they establish self-determined life direction, related planning, and action steps around long-term goals, with the flexibility to make adjustments when life brings unexpected changes.